Sicelo is an inspirational speaker who encourages others to express their authentic selves. He is a peace-maker who works with families, teams and individuals to solve conflicts. Sicelo helps people to connect with themselves and assist individuals with low self–esteem. Sicelo also helps organizations to maintain good working relationships with their employees. Sicelo offers sex talks that help couples and individuals to be liberated in their sex life and enjoy intimacy. Sicelo is known for his skills in conflict resolution in many different contexts [Governments, Trade Unions, Private sector, Families & Xenophobia].

Sicelo earned his Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of South Africa, after obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University Of Zululand. He also obtained his Master’s degree in Public Health and Family Medicine from the University of Cape Town.

Sicelo is a Clinical Psychologist registered with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa. He has more than 10 years’ experience in the South African public health system, including military and correctional services, as well as, public health non-profit organizations with emphasis on substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, TB and Reproductive Health.

Motivational Talk, Facilitation and Coaching

Approach to motivational talk, facilitation and coaching

Sicelo’s mission is to continue in his efforts to help people discover the amazing possibility that is already inside of them. The aim is to help people to accept who they are and make meaning of their lives.  To Inspire, Motivate, Uplift, Empower and educate others and encourage them to live a life of pursuing a purpose with drive and passion. He lets his best message be the life that he lives,

His presentations are infused with compassion, power, sense of humour and his thought-provoking style. They incorporate lyrics and spoken words to raise consciousness and increase insights. Sicelo is also renowned to make your attendees T.A.L.L.E.R (Think – Act – Laugh – Learn – Excel & Reflect).

Sicelo is a long-time leader and entrepreneur and uses his education and rich life experiences to guide each speaking engagement. As a speaker, a public health specialist, a clinical psychologist, he always takes the initiative to go after his own life’s passions with graceful gusto.

Combining an up-front, real attitude with a contagious, pure conviction that life should be lived with joy and courage, Sicelo delivers practical strategies to help people truly embrace the gift of manifesting their dreams.

Sicelo has spoken at women’s and men’s groups, seminars and workshops, schools — junior high schools, high schools, tertiary institutions, church and community events. The depth of his knowledge and curriculum gives him the ability to custom-design talks so they are tailor-made for the audience.